Nanotronix Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of testing and monitoring solutions for cable, optical networks and 2-way high-speed Internet solution applications to various industries needing secure and portable satellite networks. Established in March, 2000 by several distinguished Seoul National University Ph.D. students and internationally recognized Professor of Electronics Engineering at the same Univ., Nanotronix soon became a recognized leader in providing telecoms, cable and satellite ISP operators to deliver seamless services to its clients in a most efficient and profitable manner.

Nanotronix engineers established growth for the company from the early beginning. Our engineers developed one of the industries' leading ultra-fine time and distance measurement technology that determined application-specific instrument's time units down to 10 pico seconds and 1 centimeter. With this proprietary high-speed broadband amplifier and data acquisition technologies, Nanotronix launched various products such as Module of Oscilloscope, Motorola 68040 CPU board,Module for Optic Time Domain Refelctometers (OTDR) and Metallic Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR), that analyze the reflection of electric signals and time of such reflection to detect exact fault locations of damaged voice and/or data traffic found in all metropolitan networks either optic fiber or metallic cables. Since then, the Company principals have been perfecting their optical electronic technologies to build, license and distribute high-speed test and measurement instruments to leading worldwide provider of telecom equipments that serve the DSL, fiber optics, and cable and television network industries.

Nanotronix is now a publicly traded company in the KOSDAQ board of The Korea Stock Exchange under the ticker number (KOSDAQ: 010670) and firming our commitments for further growth along with our valueable customers.