NanoTronix TDC has 20ps resolution: It can make a distinction of very short time, 20 pico seconds (one over 5 billions seconds), the time for light to propagate only 6mm in the air! This technology can be applied to the fields that require very accurate measurement of time such as digital communication, high-speed data acquisition, nuclear science, etc. The NanoTronix TDC can enhance the performance of the instruments by accurate and stable operation. Among the various application fields of the TDC. NanoTronix developed the high performance MTDR devices with unique convenient functions and easy interface. The NanoTronix TDR will help you to efficiently manage communication, telephone and power delivery networks.
- MTDRs (Metallic Time Domain Reflectometers)
- Datalogger
- Computer-based Instruments
Optical Application lnstruments
  Optical fibers are now quickly replacing the existing electrical cables: It guarantees improved speed and quality of communication for large amount of data. The optical communication systems, however, requires accurate installation and precise testing because of the characteristics of materials and high bandwidth of carrier frequency. NanoTronix developed the high performance optical instruments with unique convenient functions and easy interface.They will help you to efficiently manage optical communication systems and to precisely test your optical products.
- OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)
- Optical Channel Selector
Automotive Electronice
  After 1990s, the needs for electronic convenience and safety systems in automobiles have been increased. Furthermore, for efficient transportation control, many countries are planning to import the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). In these fields, not only the high level of circuit design technique but also the profound knowledge on the electrical characteristics of automobile is required with a plenty of research experience, the company introduces more powerful and lower-in-price electronic systems to help you to lower cost of production.
- Automotive Glass Antenna with Amplifier
- CAN-Based Power Distribution Moduler
- Taxi Fare Management System
- Automotive Electrical/Electronic Simulation System
- Automotive Fault Diagnostic System
- Smart Junction Box