양방향 위성통신시스템(Card) OpenRCS 4000P
- Maximum 120Mbps download and 4.7Mbps upload speeds
- Linux O/S
- Tx/Rx PCI
- Remote software upgrade
- Multi-protocol Encapsulation (MPE)
- Datagram and Section Packing
- Unicast / Multicast Filtering
- Supports TCP/IP Protocols, TCP/IP routing, VPN
- PES and TS Data Filtering
- PSI/SI private Tables.
- LLC SNAP / NULL encapsulation
- Remote Management via SNMP or Web-Based GUI
Physical Specifications


BNC-F Type
Electrical Specifications

Status and Control
User Interface Software

SNR, Rx signal strength, Rx lock, Rx/Tx bytes, Rx/Tx bit rates, connection status

Supported Protocol

TCP/UDP/IP (with TCP acceleration), DHCP for client PCs, IP multicast, IGMP, NAT, HTTP pre-fetch, Authentication, Transparent Capturing, IPSec through pass, VPN tunneling


IP address assignment, GRE tunneling (with TCP acceleration)



Receive/Transmit Data Rate

Maximum 120Mbps download and 4.7Mbps upload

Satellite Access

Always-on (Automatic logon) or manual logon/logout

Environmental Specification

Operating Temperature

-15 to 55°C at humidity 95%
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C
Humidity 0 ~ 95%


100 ~ 240 V AC 50 ~ 60Hz
Receiver RF Tuner Connection Type: BNC-F Type
Normal Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
Input Frequency: 950MHz to 2150MHz
Input Signal Level: -65 dBm to -25 dBm
L/O Leakage at RF Input: -65 dBm
LNB LNB Supply Voltage: 13V or 18V
Maximum LNB Supply Current: 400mV short/surge protection
Antenna and LNB Control: 22kHz tone
Symbol Rate 128ksps ~ 45Msps
Outer BCH, Inner LDPC Code
QPSK 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10
8PSK 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10
nldpc = 64800 (normal FEC Frame)
nldpc = 16200 (short FEC Frame)
Outer Reed Solomon Inner Convolutional Code
QPSK 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Transmitter Interface Connection Type: F Type Female
Normal Output Impedance: 75 Ohm
Output Frequency: 950MHz to 1450MHz
Output Signal Level: 3 dBm
Frequency Step Size: 470Hz
ODU Power Supply: 24V ± 0.5V
ODU Reference signal Level: 0 dBm
ODU Reference Frequency: 10MHz ± 10Hz
  Symbol Rate 125ksps, 250ksps, 500ksps, 1Msps, 2Msps, 4Msps
Turbo Code
QPSK 1/3, 2/5, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 6/7 (K=7)