DVB-RCS(VSAT) (Model.No.: OpenRCS 10000 Servies)
Open-RCS hub receives data from each terminal and sends control signals to each terminal. This control signal is then used to control the satellite resource of each terminal.
Open-RCS hub is compatible with the DVB-RCS standard can support connectivity of several thousand terminals. The forward link carries up to 120 Mbps in DVB/Mpeg-2 format, and the return link allows up to 4.7 Mbps in ATM format.
Compatibility for third-party terminal is available within the DVB RCS standard.
- DVB-S2
High Performance
  - Transmits data up to 120 Mbps in the forward link
- Return link provides speeds up to 4.7 Mbps
- Supports up to 20,000 RCST ( RCS terminals ) maximum for single hub operation
Resource Management
  - Uses MF-TDMA management for greater efficiency
- Accommodates more users than SCPC or PAMA
Forward Link

- standard : DVB-s/s2
- Symbol Rate : 128Ksps ~ 45Msps
- IP Encapsulation : IP over MPEG

Return Link


- standard : DVB-RCS
- Symbol Rate : 125Ksps, 250Ksps, 500Ksps, 1Msps, 2Msps, 4Msps
- IP Encapsulation : IP over ATM