Numeric cable fault locator (Model.No.: mTDR-010)
NanoTronix' Numeric Cable Fault Locator (Model No.:mTDR-010) is a most suitable & low-price instrument in locating a fault, open or short along with metallic cable, which has high-resolution TDC (Time-to-Digital Converter) technology. This instrument is applicable for any cable consisting of at least double insulated metallic elements like a coaxial cable at and a low cost

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  NanoTronix Numeric Cable Fault Locator (Model No.:mTDR-010) is the most suitable and low-price instrument for locating a fault such as open and short position in metallic telecom cables. It is unique in its class which utilizes TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology giving users accurate information of the faults based on a specific cables' VOP(Velocity Of Propagation).

The instrument of this cable fault locator is applicable for any cable consisting of at least paired (shielded or twisted) metallic conductors, such as coaxial cables and telephone cables at low cost. It has an automatic internal impedance matching network to allow testing of 25Ω, 50Ω, 75Ω, 100Ω, 125Ω and 150Ω cables.

The Numeric Cable Fault Locator is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure which is dust and weatherproof to IP 42. The instrument of this cable fault locator also comes with a soft carrying case and alligator clip adapter. It is powered by four AA (NEDA 15A or LR6) batteries, which are stored in a compartment on its back.

NanoTronix Numeric Cable Fault Locator (Model No.: mTDR-010) presents automatic VOP calculation allowing efficient measurement for all types of cables - providing auto calculation of VOP of a sample cable: a sample of 10 meters (30 feet) enables even inexperienced technicians to set up and conduct standardized tests to get perfect results every time.
Additional 20 memory spaces are available for storing new VOP settings, which let technicians to conveniently save the VOP values of frequently worked cables for future usage.

  - Low cost numeric cable length meter / TDR Cable Fault Locator
- Full autoranging for measuring the length of cables
- High resolution and high accuracy
   > Resolution: 50cm(20 in)
   > Accuracy: ± 2% of reading ± 50cm (20 in) < 100m (300ft) ± 2% of reading > 100m (300ft)
- Extra-large backlit (icon type 7 segment) LCD
- Overload voltage detection : displays “OUCH” alert message with sound when line voltage exceeds 6.5V
- Internal VOP library for 39 standard cable types
- 20 additional library memory spaces for new V.O.P settings
- Automatic output impedance control of 25Ω, 50Ω,75Ω, 100Ω, 125Ω, or 150Ω
- Safety protection (up to 250V RMS)
- CE & FCC certified
Net Weight
User interface
Extra-large backlit(ICON type 7 segment)LCD
Internal library
39 standard cable types
Additional library
20 library memory spaces for new VOP settings
Adjustable from 1% to 99%(in 1% step)
Maximum range
Minimum display resolution
± 2% of reading ± 50cm < 100m (300ft)
± 2% of reading > 100m
Automatic power off
30minutes with no key touched
Automatic output impedaence
25,50,75,100,125 or 150Ω
Power Supply
Battery life
5,000 tests
BS/EN 61326-1
IEC 61010-1 규정 호환
Operating temperature
-18℃~60℃ (0℉~140℉)
Storage temperature
-20℃~70℃ (-4℉~158℉)
85% at 35℃ (95℉)
  NanoTronix Numeric Cable Fault Locator (Model No.: mTDR-010) is primarily designed for cable wholesalers, retailers, contractors, electricians, cable installers, linemen and construction personnel who need to measure cable length and distance to a fault (open and short) of coaxial cables, telephone cables and any type paired (shielded or twisted) metallic cables.

Standard Accessories
  ① Soft carrying case
  ② Alligator clip
  ③ User's manual
  * AA battery pack is built into the instrument