Ku 3.7m / 4.5m / 5.3m / 6.3m / 7.3m / 9m ANTENNA SYSTEM
Product Description
1 7.3M Ku Band Antena   7.3M Ring-focus Antenna (Motorized) RF meet ITU-R-580-5 and Intelsat requirement Including following items
1.1   Feed
KU-Band 2-port feed with Linear Pol.
  - 1 Tx (13.75-14.5GHz)
  - 1 Rx (10.95-12.75GHz)  
  1KW high power  
  Reflector Reflector - white diffusive painted aluminum panels
Shaped main reflector with backups
    Sub-reflector High accuracy subreflecor with struts  
    Envionmental Hub Front hub rain shield, Rear hub closeout 1

1.4   El/Az Kingpost pedestal (LMA) El.-over Az. Kingpost Pedestal with supporting legs
Az Travel Range+85º in 2 100ºo
verlapped sectors with 100º
continuous,El travel range 5-90º
continuous, Normal wind loading
1.5   Servo Interface Kit Servo Interface Kit
Jacksrews with gear box and AC motor per Az.& El.
Limit Switches
Bracketry for Mounting Limit Switches, Transducers
1 lot
1.6   Foundation anchoring kit
Anchoring bolts and plates
1.7 Miscllaneous
Ladder and Platform
Ladder and Platform
1 lot
    Aircraft Warning Lights (2)
Aircraft Warning Lights (2)
1 lot
1.8 Finishment
  One premer and white paint 2 times for panels.Hot-dipped galvanization for steel parts except for that need to be in motion and easy to deformation.installation hardware are stainless.
Tx Axis Crossover waveguide(LP)
Two Tx axis crossover W/G runs (LP)
Tx W/G runs from feed flange to the kingpost interface point
Tx testing couplier(-50dB)
1 lot
2.1 Antenna Tracking system
2.1.2   Tracing receiver
Beacon frequency in L band
    Model: ST-1000L
Automatic phase-lock loop (PLL) with quick-lock acquistion
Rack mount
Sideband rejection
2.2 Antenna control system
antenna control unit
2.2.1     Precision position loop with timely response characteristic
Built-in keypad data entry and recall
  Alphanumeric display
· Dual axis position
· Fault and interlock alarms
· parameter recall and monitor
· self-diagnostics
      Operation modes: Steptrack, Manual,10 satellite position designate,position command,star pointing
2.2.2   Antenna drive unit
      Single speed drive,high speed for slew, low speed for tracking
0.01Deg/s-0.1deg/s adjustable
Water-proof Cabinet
2.2.3   Resolver
Per Az,EL  
2.2.4   Limit smithes
Per Az,EL  
2.2.5   Interneral connecting cables
In length of 40M 1 lot
3 Export Packing
  Export packing suitable for international shippiong by land,sea or air.
1 lot
4 Installation
4.1 Antenna installed on ground 2 enginners and technicians (10 days normal)
This installation charges DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost for hiring motor crane for installation and local man labours. All the civil work including antenna foundation have to be ready before the team arrival. Buyer should advice the date to star installation
1 lot
Travelling cost
International and local travelling cost are excluded.Shall be provided by the customer
4.3 Conduct of Final accepting testing if requested
2 enginners and technicians (5 days normal)
The verification tests have to be started once the completion of the installation of antenna and RF equipment for a station. Otherwise, the customer has to pay the international and local traveling costs for the 2 engineers with charge of $380.00/Day/Engi
1 lot
5 Total amount(Only antenna+ Installation charge):
5.1 Total amount(Only antenna+waveguide+ tracking receiver+ control system+ Installation charge):
6 Delivery time
  6-8 weeks once receipt of 40% deposit
7 Warranty
  1 year from shjpping date
8 Payment term
  60% down payment by T/T once reciept of order, 40% T/T before shipment
9 Delivery time