High power Visual Fault Locator (Model.No.: NOFL-500)
NOFL-500 is an optical instrumentation device that identifies faults along the optical fiber under test (FUT). Emitting visible high-powered laser (red) of over 50 mW into the FUT, it helps the users identify the FUT at opposite position or detect faults through the light emitting from the end of the FUT or fault positions up to 15 km in case of SMF (Single Mode Fiber).
Portable size and easy manipulation makes it suitable for installation and maintenance of optical network.

The features of the device are as follows:
- For longer use time with high-powered laser source, it provides Li-Ion chargeable battery inside so that it is not required to replace batteries.
- The users can control the output power of the laser source in five steps (from sub-mW to tens mW); it makes the battery use time longer and keep the users’ eye from damage.

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Wavelength range 660 ± 10 nm
Peak Output Power More than 50mW & less than 100mW
Average Output Power
5 steps selectable (about 0.2mW to 25mW)
Measurable Range Up to 15km
Optical Connector FC/UPC
Auto Power Off 30min (typ.) / 10min (max. output power)
Power Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery inside
(7.4 V DC / 4000 mAh)
Operating time 180 hours
Charging Time 6 hours
Adaptor IN AC 110 ~ 240 V / 50~60 Hz
OUT DC 15 V / 1 A
Dimension 100 mm(W) × 200 mm(L) × 40 mm(H)
Weight 800g
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
   * Except where otherwise stated, this specifications apply an ambient temperature of 20℃(68℉).
Standard Accessories
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
  ① Soft carrying bag
  ② DC 15V / 1A adaptor
  ③ User’s manual
  * 4개의 AA배터리 (기기내장)
Optional Accessories
  ① 차량 시가잭 충전용 어댑터
  ② FC/M-SC/F 콘넥터
  ③ OJC(30cm) : FC/PC to SC/PC<br />
* 삽입손실(0.5dB이하)-SM/1core