Satellite Data Boradcast Receving
PCI Satellite Receiver Card (Model.No.: Nano_value2)
Nano@Value is fully DVB-S compliant cost effective PCI satellite receiver card and provice up to 60Mbps IP : filtering performance. nano@Value(PCI Satellite Receiver Card) can enable high pertormance DVB IP handling application such as DVB IP router, high speed file deliver and high speed satellite internet.
Satellite Internet Routing Receiver for Multi-Users (Model.No.: Nano@OFFICE2)
Nano@OFFICE2 satellite routing receiver is fully DVB-S2, DVB-S compliant. Nano@OFFICE2 satellite routing receiver provides routing capability for TCP/IP, designed to deliver multicast and unicast routing services for corporation, SOHO and individual users. Nano@OFFICE2 offers easy installation, contiguration and stable operation using ..